The Music Behind the Story from Web of Lies by Dellani

music-behind-the-storyOnce in awhile I have a song so loudly in my head, nothing will jar it loose. If this happens when I’m writing, it will greatly influence the story. This happened, quite by accident, when I started writing my romantic suspense novel, Web of Lies. My son had recently introduced me to the song Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi. It was the first song I’d heard by this musician, and I was really taken with it. Somehow, it wove itself throughout the story, and I found that I had difficulty writing unless I listened to it, almost non-stop. I can still feel the dynamics of the song in the story.

The song is very passionate and I can really sense it in the first love scene. It starts simply enough, Zoe Hamilton and Rhett Archer chatting over dinner at her home. Soon, though, it becomes something much more.

“What happened between you and your ex?”

“She gave me the I want to pursue other options speech. What does that even mean? We’ve done everything in the bedroom I can think of, and she’s still bored?”

“Is she gay?”


“That’s usually woman-speak for I want to do chicks instead. You did know that, right?”

“No, but it clicks. She left me for a woman.”

“Did you have her committed? Cause she’s flat crazy if she left you for a chick!” Zoe set the dishes she held down on the counter with a crash and clatter. “How can any woman in her right mind leave a gorgeous, sexy, hunk of well hung, real man for a chick ? It makes no sense at all. Why give all that up,” she gestured broadly at him. “Cause for those hard to reach places, ain’t nothing like the real thing.”

Having said more than she intended, she worked diligently loading the dishwasher for a moment. Rhett came up behind her as she bent over, taking her hips in his hands, pressing his body against hers. Both of them could feel a hot, liquid metal sensation course through them at that simple, intimate touch.

“That was the nicest thing a woman has ever said to me, Zoe.” he sighed heavily, wanting to bury himself in her.

Zoe couldn’t speak. She didn’t want to break the electric connection between his hips and hers. She needed the healing touch of Rhett Archer—high powered, full throttle, hard core, up to the hilt. She needed it and wanted it more than anything in her entire adult life.

Suddenly, he broke away. “I’m sorry. That was totally inappropriate. Here I am, talking about building a relationship—saying I can wait. Way to make a liar of yourself, Archer.” He leaned his head against the wall of cabinets, arms wide like he was being arrested.

Zoe had to laugh. It was the only way to break the sexual tension between them. It came out more like a gasping choke than an actual laugh.

“Don’t feel bad, I’m telling myself the same thing.” She went back to her dishwasher, speaking to the open door so quietly, he almost didn’t hear her. “And yet, all I can think of is having you make love to me. Are we completely out of our minds?”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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